Affiliate FAQ's

Q: What is Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where businesses reward affiliates for each customer purchase made through the affiliate's marketing efforts. It involves three key parties: the product seller (merchant), the affiliate (publisher or influencer), and the customer.

Q: How can I become an affiliate for Eye Candy Pigments?

Answer: To become an affiliate, you need to sign up using the Affiliate Registration Form on our website here > This form will collect your details, allowing you to join our program and start promoting our products.

Q: What are the ways affiliates can promote products?

Answer: Affiliates can promote products through various channels, including social media posts, ads, embedding links on their websites, running email marketing campaigns, or seeding information on relevant forums.

Q: How are affiliate commissions calculated?

Answer: Commissions are calculated based on referral orders made by customers through the affiliate's marketing actions. Our system classifies affiliates per program, with each program having its own commission rate. Special product commission rules may also apply.

Q: What is a referral order?

Answer: A referral order is any order made by a customer as a result of affiliate promotion activities. These orders are the basis for calculating an affiliate's commission.

Q: How do I use an affiliate link or coupon?

Answer: Once activated, affiliates will receive an automatically generated affiliate link or can be assigned a coupon code. These tools are used to promote our products, and any orders made through these links or using the coupon code will count as referral orders.

Q: What support is available for affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates can contact us through the affiliate contact/support email provided in their affiliate account for any queries or support. This email can also be used by the merchant to send notifications to affiliates.

Q: How does the payment process work for affiliates?

Answer: Once a customer places an order via an affiliate link or coupon code and the referral order is approved, Eye Candy calculates the commission to pay the affiliate. The payment is made manually, and the affiliate receives their commission accordingly.

Q: How do I get started as an affiliate with Eye Candy Pigments?

Answer: To get started, fill out the Affiliate Registration Form on our website here > Upon approval, you can access your affiliate link, coupon code, and media assets from the Media Gallery to begin promoting our products and earning commissions.

Absolutely! Once you have signed up and approved, we will provide you a coupon code for your followers. DO NOT use this code for your personal orders. Within your dashboard in your coupon notes you will see your personal code.

Q: Can affiliates promote any product from Eye Candy Pigments?

Answer: Yes, affiliates are encouraged to promote any product from Eye Candy Pigments. However, merchants may set special product commission rules for certain products, which will be specified in the affiliate program details.

Q: What happens if a customer returns a product that was purchased through an affiliate link?

Answer: In the event of a product return, the commission earned from that sale will be deducted from the affiliate's future payments. Our system tracks these transactions to ensure fairness and accuracy in commission payments.

Q: Are there any restrictions on how I can promote Eye Candy Pigments products as an affiliate?

Answer: While we encourage creativity in promotion, we do have guidelines to ensure our brand is represented appropriately. Prohibited practices include misleading advertising, spamming, and violation of copyright laws. Affiliates should refer to our program terms for a full list of guidelines.

Q: How is the affiliate link generated, and how does it work?

Answer: The affiliate link is automatically generated by our affiliate system once an affiliate is activated. This unique link tracks sales generated by the affiliate. Any orders made through this link are recognized as referral orders, which are the basis for calculating commissions.

Q: Can I track the performance of my affiliate link?

Answer: Yes, affiliates can track the performance of their affiliate links directly through their affiliate dashboard. This includes views, clicks, and the number of referral orders generated.

Q: How often are commissions paid out to affiliates?

Answer: The payout schedule for commissions is usually done weekly for affiliates using PayPal. Affiliates using Venmo or Checks will be issued once every two weeks. Affiliates will be notified by email about upcoming payments for approved referral orders.

Q: Is there a minimum payout threshold for commissions?

Answer: Yes, payouts must be a minimum of $5.00 in order to receive your commission payout..

Q: What resources are available to help me succeed as an affiliate?

Answer: Eye Candy Pigments provides affiliates with various resources to aid their promotional efforts, including media assets, coupon codes, and promotional materials. Additionally, our support team is available to assist with any questions or guidance needed.

Q: How can I improve my affiliate marketing strategies?

Answer: We recommend using a mix of promotional channels, engaging with your audience to understand their preferences, and leveraging analytics to track and refine your strategies. Staying informed about Eye Candy Pigments products and participating in training or webinars we offer can also enhance your success.