May 2024 Maker of the Month

Meet Nate Shockley

Maker of the Month: May 2024 - Nate Shockley

Meet Nate Shockley, our inspiring Maker of the Month for May 2024. Born in Florida and raised in North Carolina, Nate's journey as a self-taught woodworker and epoxy artist is one of remarkable transformation and resilience.

From Hardship to Hope
Nate’s early life was marked by challenges that few can imagine. Homelessness, addiction, and crime once defined his reality, rooted in untreated mental health issues and difficult life choices. However, Nate’s story is a testament to the power of change and the human spirit's capacity to overcome. Now, over 14 years free from hard drugs, he not only owns his home but is also the proud owner of a flourishing small business.

A Legacy of Making
For Nate, woodworking and epoxy art aren’t just professions—they are his way of connecting with the world and leaving a lasting impact. His creations are more than just objects; they are manifestations of his journey and passion. “I love making things for people,” Nate says, “and I feel this is my legacy in a sense.” His work is not merely a form of expression but a tool through which he gives back to a community that has given him so much.

Impact Through Social Media
With an expanding reach on social media, Nate uses his platform to support others facing their own life challenges. By sharing his story and his art, he hopes to inspire and help more people, demonstrating that change is possible and that the past does not define the future.

Dreams of Giving Back
Nate's aspirations don’t stop at his own success. He dreams of one day giving even more back to the community. “If I could, I'd give a lot more away, and raise more money for good causes,” he shares. His plans include increasing his charitable efforts and continuing to use his talents to support worthy causes.

Nate Shockley's journey reminds us of the profound impact that determination, passion, and a little creativity can have. We are proud to honor him as our Maker of the Month and look forward to seeing how his story and his art continue to inspire and change lives.